Project Objective: To create a concept based piece of furniture that is “sittable.”

Concept: Inspiration  came from furniture that appears planar, seamless, and sleek.  Creative ways to integrate different materials also became a source of inspiration, specifically metal and wood.  The goal of this piece was to integrate these two concepts; to seamlessly integrate metal and wood.

Materials Used: Aluminum Channel and Clear Pine

Behind the name “Ridge”: When mixing the materials wood and metal, I began to look at the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.  One perk of using metal is that it is strong.  I decided then that I would take full advantage of this and began designing pieces that maximized the strength of the metal by placing it in the middle of the piece acting as a spine or like the RIDGE of a roof. A disadvantage of metal is that it is cold, making it uncomfortable to sit on.  Lucky for me, wood is a naturally warm material.  Knowing this, I designed the chair to have wood on each side of the aluminum where a persons body would be making the most contact.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 8.36.25 PM

IMG_6989 IMG_6992 IMG_6993 IMG_6994


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