Retail Design

Mood Board CollageProject Description: Create a 1000 Square Foot Pop-up Retail Space for Sephora or a line within the store.  I chose the a line called “fresh” which embraces an organic approach to cosmetics and skincare.

Programs Used: Sketch-up and Photoshop

Skills Obtained: Commercial Design, Retail Design, Store Security, Ergonomics, ADA, Building Codes, Photoshop Rendering, Concept Development, Commercial Material Selection.

Concept: The design for the retail store fresh was inspired by the product itself and the company name. ORGANIC shapes and RAW materials were selected in order to create a design that reflected the NATURAL feel and look of the product. Since fresh’s target market consists of those who embrace natural living, I have decided to place this pop up retail store at a green/sustainable convention. In regards to store security, sliding doors would cover the two openings to the store.


rendered floor plan

interiorelevation exteriorelevation 2pointstorage 2point


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